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Jaswal Atwal

Hon. Linda Frum: Earlier this week, Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed that he believes the Government of India was involved in a conspiracy to invite a convicted attempted assassin to dinner in order to embarrass the Canadian Government.

If this is true, it seems odd that the Member of Parliament for Surray Centre, Randeep Sarai, claimed full responsibility for the invitation to Jaswal Atwal.  Anyone who subscribes to this conspiracy theory would have to accept that Mr. Sarai was in on the scheme and acting on behalf of a foreign government.

My question to the leader of the government is, if the Prime Minister of Canada believes that one of his MPs participated in a plot to undermine our country on the world stage, why is Mr. Sarai still a member of the Liberal Caucus?

Senator Harder: I thank the honourable senator for the question.

What I can indicate is that, as the Prime Minister has already said on several occasions, the member of Parliament in question has acknowledged his involvement and has taken responsibility for it, and I have nothing to add.

Senator Frum: So, leader, the member of Parliament takes responsibility, but at the same time, the Prime Minister says that he agrees that the Indian government conspired to embarrass him. Therefore, there had to be cooperation from MP Sarai and the Indian government, which suggests that MP Sarai is somehow working in tandem or in concert with the Indian government. That’s the logic of his position. Can you please clarify that?

Senator Harder: I don’t see the logic of the position that you’ve taken.

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