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Al-Quds Day Demonstration

Honourable Senators,

I rise to draw your attention to a serious event that occurred in my city of Toronto this past weekend.  The annual anti-Semitic hate-fest known as al-Quds Day was held at Queen’s Park followed by a march which shut down University Avenue.

Since 1979, Quds Day has been a regular international event sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran.  In Toronto, it attracts local terrorist and regime sympathizers who call for the eradication of Israel and the mass murder of Jews.  It is disturbing that 500 people, including families with young children, participated in this hateful demonstration.

The murderous ideology expressed at this rally must not be tolerated in Canada as it is not representative of our peaceful, multi-cultural values.  There is no place in Canada for such a vile demonstration of racist hate.

I would like to thank Premier-Elect Doug Ford for his strong words condemning this event, and his pledge that he will prevent any such blatantly racist or anti-Semitic events from being allowed on the grounds of Queen’s Park again in future.

I would also like to thank Canada’s national Jewish community organizations, including CIJA and B’nai Brith, for their vigilance and moral leadership on this issue.


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