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Bnai Brith Audit 2017

Honourable Senators,

Yesterday, B’nai Brith Canada released its 36th Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents. The audit found that 2017 set records for antisemitism in Canada. Unfortunately, this was the second consecutive year in which record numbers were reached.

There is cause to be deeply concerned. Incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism increased by more than double, reaching levels not seen since 2013.  Additionally, we are seeing an increase in politicians seeking political support from those with well-known anti-Jewish prejudices.

While the majority of incidents occurred in Ontario and Quebec, there was a significant proportional increase to antisemitism in Alberta and British Columbia.

Honourable Senators, these are alarming trends.  We must work to counteract these forces of hatred, bigotry and prejudice.  Although we are fortunate to live in a peaceful and tolerant country, we must not be complacent.  As Parliamentarians, we must use our voices to speak out whenever these forces of intolerance arise.

I would like to thank B’nai Brith Canada for their work on this important issue.

Thank you.

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