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The Late Honey and Barry Sherman

Honourable senators, I rise today to mourn the loss of two great Canadians, Honey and Barry Sherman.

On December 15, 2017, these two pillars of the Toronto community were viciously murdered in their home. As a result, Canada lost two of its greatest and most generous philanthropists, and in Barry Sherman, Canada lost one of its most accomplished business innovators and job creators.

Only two few weeks before her murder, Honey Sherman was standing right here in this chamber accepting a Senate 150 medal awarded to her and to Barry for their outstanding contributions to Canada. Honey and Barry exemplified the best virtues that the Senate medal was created to celebrate, and indeed of responsible Canadian citizenship itself.

They gave their time, energy and resources to innumerable good causes, including the Sherman Community Campus in Toronto, Baycrest Hospital, Humber River Hospital, the United Way and virtually every other worthy cause in Toronto.

Honey was an involved and passionate board member for countless charitable boards. They also supported a variety of charities abroad, including a refuge in Kenya responsible for rescuing 6,000 orphans from the streets of Nairobi.

Honey and Barry’s contributions to Canada and around the world were endless, as is the grief that those of us who knew them and loved them feel today as we confront the sense of loss and rage that we are left with after they were stolen from us. Their example of loving commitment to their community and their always charitable impulses are a lesson to all of us as to how we can be better citizens.

Let us be inspired by their model to give, to love and to care for each other, especially the most vulnerable among us.

To the Sherman family, including Barry’s sister Sandi Florence and her family, and Honey’s sister Mary Shechtman and her family, and to Honey and Barry’s four children, Lauren, Jonathon, Alexandra and Kaelen, my heart remains broken for you. May the memories of Honey and Barry comfort you and may their legacy live on through you and your children.

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